We are looking for actors that speak perfectly english, for a very important Tv series project.


We are looking for actors that speak perfect English, for a very important TV series project.

We're looking for actors 17 years old and older, all profiles, for a pilot by the renowned Mexican director  Fernando Sariñana.

Open Casting call part 1.

Monday, 17th of june, to thursday, 20th of June.

11:00 am to 2:00 pm -  4:00 pm to 8:00 pm


You'll improv in English, one minute max, we will indicate the character.

* it is not necessary to deliver printed photos.

Filming days:

3 different pilots will be shot, each with a variety of characters.

The filming are tentatively from the 12th of august to the 12th of september.

Please contact us to confirm your assistance, the place of auditions, and the schedule.

Please send a WhatsApp +52 1 3331846589

Please have your résumé prepared in a PDF of one page max, just the most relevant info, in case we require it..


F= female   M =Male   B = Both


Idioma : Español


Idioma : Spanglish


Idioma : English